The Most Credible News Sources

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How to spot fake news.  You have to do a little research yourself.

2 Replies to “The Most Credible News Sources”

  1. Perrie Halpern

    Hi Jack,
    I’m Perrie Halpern, the owner and RA of “The NewsTalkers”. Thanks for the shout out! I am really glad that you enjoy our site. I, like you am an indepenedent, and I set up NewsTalkers as a discussion site for the full politcal spectrum, and we do care very much about how reliable the news sources are. Btw..There is a new source for checking out source reliablitiy,
    Anyway, I am going to give you and your podcast a shout out today on NT. I really enjoyed listening to you. Your podcast is very entertaining and informative and you have a nice easy way about you. Well done! And btw, we have a member who is a neighbor of yours! Stay warm!

    • Jack Hicks

      Thanks Perrie! I really appreciate you listening and letting me quote from your site! I bookmarked and I look forward to reading it when I can! I hope to meet my neighbor at some point! Thank you!

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