• Quick Free Speech Lesson

    Download Episode!A very short lesson in free speech.  A KQRS promotion that was embarrassing.  Hoax Slayer Hoaxes.  Time to regulate.

  • Burt Tribute: Remembering Loni

    Download Episode!Hey, Loni is still hot.  Burt was great though.

  • The “Inner Hippie.”

    Download Episode!Older men go to the “Wild Child” Facebook page and leer at young ladies that post revealing photos of themselves.  It’s all about the inner-hippie.  Judy Garland’s slippers recovered.  […]

  • A Beautiful Love Story!

    Download Episode!Jack tells the story of his friend Melissa buying a set of walkie talkies for her husband on Father’s Day.  And how effective washing the dishes can be on […]

  • First Day of School! A Complete Football Lesson in One Sentence!

    Download Episode!Jack get’s carried away talking about his first day in kindergarten and gives a shoutout to teachers!  He then summarizes the upcoming NFL season in one sentence with a […]

  • Jack Makes Fun of Elvis Duran

    Download Episode!Action packed Labor Weekend Show.  Grilling steaks.  Teddy Bridgewater gets dissed.  Jack makes fun of New York City DJ Elvis Duran.  How to listen to podcasts. Muscle Shoals music.

  • The Bird is the Word

    Download Episode!A local kid gets in trouble at school because he annoyed his teachers and principal with “Bird is the Word” jokes.   He was warned!  How snow blowing works.  […]

  • Green Bay Packers Promotion Gone Haywire

    Download Episode!One of the greatest promotion screwups in Packers radio history!  Full details on the Ten Minute Morning Show!  

  • The “Bro” Show

    Download Episode!Jack gets a little “Bro” in telling guys why it’s important to know how to explain football to your wife or girlfriend.  Some might take this as a little […]

  • The True Story of John McCain

    Download Episode!Many fake stories of John McCain have been told over the years… here is the true one.